About the Course

What type of course is it?
The course is an out and back style and is not a closed course. The majority of the route for the 10k race is on bike paths and paved walkways with no vehicle access; about half of the half marathon is on bike paths, and half will be on Lakeshore Drive, a rural road on which runners need to maintain awareness of vehicles. See the course map on our Race Descriptions page»

What time does the course close?
It is required you complete your race by Noon.

Where are the aide stations?
A medical station, water station and toilets are all available at the start location of the races. Additional water stations are planted every 2 miles along the course and toilets are located at each turnaround point on the route. Aide stations are indicated on the course map you may see on our Race Descriptions page»

Can I start early?
No, as a timed event you must begin at the designated time for your race.

Is the course certified?
No, not at this time.

Are bandits welcome?
No, all non-registered runners or runners no wearing a race bib will not be allowed into the finish chutes.

Are dogs allowed in and at the event?
No, the City of Sandpoint has a strict rule against dogs in city parks, therefore, all dogs are banned from the event. Click to view the city’s no-dog policy»

Are strollers allowed in the event?
No, due to the condition of the various running paths and safety concerns strollers are not allowed in the event.

Are headphones allowed at the event?
Due to safety concerns, the use of headphones on the course is not encouraged. If you choose to use them, please keep the volume level low so you may hear other runners and instructions from race officials and volunteers throughout the course.

Are the different “waves” for elite runners and beginning runners?
No, to avoid race congestion we ask that faster runners to position themselves closer to the start line and slower runners to position themselves closer to the back of their race group.

To see the course map, click to the Race Descriptions page»